The Book About the Dunavants

C.H. Robertson has written the definitive book about the history of the Dunavants in Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.  Click each of the links for the chapters.

Introduction - Part 1
Introduction - Part 2
More Obits
Railroad Projects
Morganton Projects
Cotton Mill
Brothers Birthplace
Brothers Similar Paths
WP Professional
WP Personal
Corpening Wife Virginia
Corpening SIL Sallie
Corpening & SD Home Search
Corpening  Cemetary
Corpening Migration 1
Corpening Migration 2
Corpening Slaves 1
Corpening Slaves 2
TN Lauderdale Dunavants
Chapter 2 Header
Carolina Dunavant Men
HJ Bio 1
HJ Bio 2
HJ Bio 3
HJ Bio 4
HJ Professional Life
HJ Personal Life
HJ Blowing Rock
HJ Final Days
LWD Golf Sutt Sr
LWD Golf Article 1
LWD Golf Article 2
LWD Golf Photos
LWD Family Twin Children
LWD Family Grandchildren
LWD Family Easter 1942
LWD Louise Wert 1
LWD Louise Wert 2
LWD Crow 1
LWD Crow 2
LWD Crow 3
Lila Bio
Lila Photos
Lila CV Henkel Sr
Lilla CV Genkel Jr
Lila Family
Addendum A Header
VA Conclusions
Addendum Dunavant Lineage Chart
Author's Intro